About Us

Welcome to Ellerslie Liquor Centre, where you can always find the right taste. Let’s first raise a toast to “togetherness” as now we are going to be your forever choice. Our wide variety of wines, beers, liquor, cider, and more are crucially handpicked for you. Now you don’t need to compromise the quality of the drink as we are here.

We offer the best selection at reasonable prices for all of our customers. With Ellerslie Liquor Centre, you can always expect the best. Cheers to us, cheers to new memories, and cheers to the great taste.


Happy clients

We are currently serving pretty well all over New Zealand with 100% client satisfaction. Our extensive range of products is loved and consumed by you all. We are happy to serve the best for the best ones.

licensed products

Licensed Products

All of our products are sold under maintaining all the laws. We have an appropriate license for selling our products too. You can trust us.


We stand by some ground rules, and thus we take pride in introducing our brand to you as the most renowned and trusted liquor center.
For better quality

You can always experience the best quality products from us as they are personally hand-picked for you all. We maintain the brand name and authenticity of the product.

genuine products
For trustworthiness

You can trust us as we are you in this business for a long time. We have a 24/7 customer service station that can solve all your issues. You can also visit our store for any discomfort and dissatisfaction.

For large selection

We have a large variety of products that you can always binge on and crave for. All of the products are categorized, and you can always try new things from one place.

fast delivery
For easy payments

Our payment methods are easy to understand and use for any layman. The process is hassle-free, and thus all the consumers can enjoy it.