Does Non Alcoholic Beer Taste The Same?

Does Non Alcoholic Beer Taste The Same?

Regular beer is converted to non-alcoholic beer by eliminating the alcohol. Contrary to what it’s called, it may have a little alcohol. It has a similar flavor to beer but far less alcohol. Even 0.0% alcohol content claims are made for several non-alcoholic beers.

This article discusses the taste and calories of non-alcoholic beers and whether they are good for you. 

Does non-alcoholic beer taste good?

Does non-alcoholic beer taste good?Quality non-alcoholic beers taste similar to regular beers. Inevitably, non-alcoholic beers that go through some form of the removal process will be more bitter, less fragrant, and less delicious. This is merely a natural progression of that process.

When the alcohol is removed, the beer is flat, lacking the taste and texture that makes it enjoyable. Similar to what happens with soda, it needs to be carbonated with carbon dioxide. And sugar is added to enhance its taste and flavor. 

Calories in non-alcoholic beer

Though protein, carbohydrate, and sugar content remains similar to regular beer, the calorie count of non-alcoholic beer differs from regular beer—their lower alcohol content results in fewer calories. 

The table below compares the nutrients in 12 ounces (350 ml) of regular and non-alcoholic beer: 

TypesCalories Alcohol Protein Fat Carbs 

Regular beer 

15314 grams 2 grams0 gram 

13 grams 

Non-alcoholic beer 1331 gram1 gram 0 gram 

29 grams 

One of the key advantages of non-alcoholic beer over alcoholic beer is that it has fewer calories. Alcohol has seven calories per gramme, almost as much as fat (9 calories per gram). 

The fact is that beer, whether it contains alcohol or not, has empty calories. Even if there are no additional sugars—the sweetness comes from malted barley—the number of non-alcoholic beers you consume in one sitting might add up to a lot of calories. Beers without alcohol also typically include more carbohydrates.

Is non-alcoholic beer good for you? 

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Good For You? There are traces of alcohol left over after brewing. Despite being labeled “non-alcoholic,” many beers actually contain 0.3 or 0.4 percent alcohol. For instance, Beck’s Blue is a non-alcoholic beer with 0.3% alcohol content. 

Non-alcoholic beer isn’t always healthy because it still contains calories and carbohydrates, though fewer than regular beer. It would be more accurate to say that non-alcoholic beer is healthier and better for you than alcoholic beer.

Any effort to reduce your body’s consumption of alcohol is healthier because alcohol is a toxin. Non-alcoholic beer accomplishes this by satiating your palate without giving you a rush. Many people have begun to consume non-alcoholic beer to improve their nutrition and mental health or reduce their alcohol intake. 


In conclusion, non-alcoholic beer can be a great choice for people wishing to reduce their alcohol consumption. Its similar taste to regular beer and lower calorie content makes it a healthier alternative. 

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