Best Champagne NZ

Best Champagne NZ

When it comes to champagne, you do not have to wait for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or parties to enjoy its deliciousness. Any time is a good time to sip it! 

But when many options are available, it is natural to feel overwhelmed by fizz enthusiasts. Here we have included the best champagne bottles in New Zealand that are sure to please every palate. 

Best Champagne bottles from NZ 

Enjoy the champagne specials given below in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Best Champagne bottles from NZ

1. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut 

Veuve Clicquot, bearing the name of the Grande Dame of Champagne, fulfills its legendary reputation with a pinot noir-forward wine that is well-balanced and goes well with both a first course and on its own. 

The heightened yellow saturation reflects the champagne’s vibrant personality and excellent winemaking credentials.

2. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV Champagne

Moet & Chandon is amongst the most popular champagne in the world. The Moet & Chandon label ensures exceptional and consistent quality. 

The Moet Impérial style is vibrant, generous, and seductive. And it is characterized by a bright fruitiness with notes of green apple and white flowers.

Fine bubbles accentuate the wine’s alluring taste, reminiscent of white-fleshed fruits and lemon. Notes of brioche and wheat also hint at the wine’s delicate maturity.

3. G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne NV

This striking bottle’s flavor profile keeps things lively with a big serving of citrus and juicy stone fruit, which is countered by a rich, toasted bite of freshly baked bread. 

It’s the ideal champagne for drinking all day, for any occasion. 

4. Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Cuvée Brut NV

Piper-Heidsieck Cuvée Brut is a traditional, structured, full-bodied, and fruit-forward Champagne that sparkles light gold with delicate bubbles. 

More than 100 crus from the Champagne region and Pinot Meuniers from the Grande et Petite Montagne de Reims are used in the mix, primarily consisting of Pinot Noirs. 

5. Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur

This non-vintage champagne, produced by the same family that owns Bollinger, is prepared with 45% chardonnay, 35% pinot noir, and 20% pinot Meunier for both complex and well-balanced flavor profiles. 


You no longer need to stress your brain when choosing a champagne bottle. You can always go for any of the abovementioned champagne bottles, and they will not disappoint you. 

If you are looking for them in New Zealand, you can get them from Ellerslie Liquor Centre at a more affordable price.   

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