Best white wines in NZ

Best white wines in NZ

White wines are known for their fruity freshness. Someone who has drunk only red wine would not know how deliciously good white wines are! A wide variety of white wines exist worldwide. 

This article will take you through the best white wines you will have ever tasted and New Zealand wine brands. Keep reading if you are a white wine lover looking for more variety. 

How do you know if a wine is a white wine? 

Suppose you see a clear or a pale-golden-colored alcoholic beverage made with light-skinned grapes; congratulations! It is a white wine. Not very often, but it is sometimes also made with dark grapes as long as their flesh is light-colored. 

White wines usually taste fruity and light as they have little tannin. They do not have higher acidity levels than red wines. 

Types of white wines

Types of white wineThere are four types of white wines: 

  • Dry White Wine: 

These wines have little to no sugar. Its taste is usually balanced by its acidity and alcohol levels. 

  • Sweet White Wine:

These wines are much darker and denser because of their high sugar content. 

  • Sparkling White Wine 

These wines contain carbon dioxide within them, which creates bubbles. 

  • Fortified White Wine

Fortified white wines contain ‘added alcohol’ to preserve the wine from spoiling, mostly on long sea voyages. 

Let us find out what kind of white wine brands are available in New Zealand. 

Best White Wines in New Zealand 

White Wines in New Zealand Here we have made a list of the best white wines ever you will find in NZ. 

It contains ripe stone fruit flavors and is balanced with high acidity levels. It has a finish of butterscotch and vanilla. 

These wines are burst with ripe stone fruits and fresh figs and contain flavors of ripe yellow apple and stone fruits. You can enjoy this wine with Asian food, chicken, and pasta. 

It has an elegant nose with aromas of tropical fruits and stone fruits in combination with hints of fresh hazelnut. It is smooth and balanced with acidity levels. 

It has stone fruit, pear, and almond aromas with a long and fresh finish. 

Bottom line

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