Best low alcohol wine NZ

Best low alcohol wine NZ

If you are someone who prefers wine but also has got health goals, low-alcohol wine becomes the right choice for you. But the question remains, is low alcohol wine better for you? Let us find out the answer in this article. 

Low alcohol wine keeps your life balanced and reduces health risks. Keep reading to discover why you should be drinking low-alcohol wines and where you can find the best low-alcohol wine in New Zealand. 

Is low alcohol wine better for you?

low alcohol wineWe all know that overconsumption of alcohol is not good for us. Therefore, Low alcohol wine is generally better for those who struggle to moderate and do not know the limit. 

Excessive drinking (3 or more standard-sized drinks in one day) is associated with the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Here the low-alcohol wine plays a crucial role; with these drinks, you can consume one extra glass without crossing your alcohol consumption boundary, which can land you into a dangerous zone.  

And those who are fitness freaks should know that low-alcohol wine contains less sugar. And this is what makes the low alcohol wines a safer choice. 

Is non-alcoholic wine good for your liver?

drink low alcohol wineYes, consumption of non-alcoholic wine helps your liver avoid any damage that comes with processing alcohol. Moreover, it also reduces the risks of obesity and other diseases. 

Generally, alcohol-free wines are not known to be bad for your overall health or, rather, say it is at least not as bad as alcoholic drinks. 

You can find the following low alcohol drinks at our store in New Zealand. 

  1. Edenvale Alcohol Removed Shiraz
  2. Lindauer Enlighten Moscato Rose 
  3. Stoneleigh Lighter Pinot Gris

Bottom line 

Of course, the wine is not bad for your health, but the alcohol content that it contains is. And therefore, you can escape it by switching to low-alcohol wine, and at the same time, you can still have a glass of wine. 

If you are looking for a low-alcohol red wine in New Zealand, you can find it at Ellerslie Liquor Centre

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