Is absolut vodka good?

Is absolut vodka good?

Pick up any alcohol beverage across the globe; the most popular question asked is if it is good or not. So, there is nothing to be surprised about when you ask if absolut vodka is good? This article is an attempt to clear your doubts regarding absolut vodka and give you some insights. 

Is absolut vodka good for health?

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Absolut vodka does have some health benefits but when it is not consumed excessively. When someone is feeling lonely or stressed-out; vodka can become a good friend in such times. It acts as a stress buster and helps in relaxing the mind and the body due to its sleep-inducing properties. 

It also maintains free-flow of blood in your body keeping you away from risky illnesses like strokes and cardiac arrests. Absolut vodka is absolutely free from fats and has very low amounts of calories. That is how it also helps in proper digestion when taken in limited amounts. When consumed with low calorie meals; it actually helps in reducing weight and thus fighting against obesity. 

It can be found in many types of cleansers, skin-toners and anti-acne products because of its astringent properties. It helps clean the pores and tighten them. So, such health benefits makes absolut vodka a good drink. 

Is absolut vodka strong?

40% alcohol by water is considered as the standard alcohol content for Vodka. It has a higher ABV than usual beer, vines etc. and therefore, it is stronger than them. When mixed with other drinks; it becomes even more stronger due to the increase in ABV level. Vodka can be made more stronger by also distilling multiple times. So, by knowing the ABV percentage of absolut vodka; you can say whether it is stronger or not. 

Absolut vodka in New Zealand

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Here, we have listed out some of the best absolut vodka found in New Zealand.  So, when you visit NZ you do not have to worry about finding the best vodka. 

1.) Absolut Citron 

It is made usually from natural flavours; it has a fresh fruity lemon, lime character and a note of lemon peel. Its main ingredients are absolut vodka and citrus flavours. 

2.) Finlandia Vodka 

It is produced by using natural ingredients like golden finnish barely. It has a light and smooth taste with a gentle aroma. 

3.) Absolut Mango

It is made from natural ingredients and does not contain added sugar.

4.) Absolut Raspberri 

It has a fresh and fruity taste of ripened raspberries. It can be added into a wide range of drinks or cocktails in order to improve the taste.

By taking the health benefits of absolut vodka into consideration we can say that it is good. But it is good as long as it is not over-consumed nor exceeds standard ABV level. In order to find absolut vodka in NZ, you can visit us at Ellerslie Liquor Centre.

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