Can Beer Make You Fat – Know The Real Truth About Beer and Fat

can beer make you fat

Not everyone loves beer! But the one who does knows the real taste of it. But what is in this beer that makes everyone go crazy about it? Let us have a look at its contents. 

Can Beer Make You Fat

Beer is made up of majorly two things:

  • Barley, wheat or rye
  • Fermented yeast

Can Beer Make You FatHowever, the nutritional content of the beer can differ from brand to brand. A can of beer can contain alcohol anywhere near 4%

Alcohol14 grams
Carbs13 grams
Protein2 grams
Fat0 grams

As we see the increasing love for beer, is it risky too? Read this whole article to know if beer is good or bad for your health. 

Does Drinking Beer Cause Weight Gain?

Does Drinking Beer Cause Weight GainThe question, “Can Beer Make You Fat?” seems funny cause the answer depends on how much you intake? The more calories you take, the higher the chances of getting fat. For instance, let us take beer as a food that you consume (not literally!); if you start consuming beer every day of your life as a regular drink, then it will backfire you with not just fat but many other health issues. 

Can Beer Give You A Big Belly?

Drinking beer is not associated directly with getting a beer belly. A beer belly is just a term for fat tummy, which may happen for any reason, not just beer. And drinking beer can gain you, not just specifically target your belly. The risks are interdependent on how much you consume your alcohol. 

Well, Does Drinking Beer Make You An Alcoholic? What Is The Percentage Of Alcohol In Beer? 

Generally, a standard beer brand consists of 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). But again, this differs from brand to brand, while some beer brands go for 70% of ABV! 

Where Can I Get The Best Beer In New Zealand?

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