Different Types Of Beer Brands: The Top Five Beer the world loves!

Different Types Of Beer Brands

Hey there, it seems like we met yesterday! If you are reading this, I am sure you are up to something really quirky and adventurous. We assume that you have tasted all the beers that are available in your locality. But how can a beer lover as you miss out on the top five favorite beers from and around the world! Here have a look at Different Types Of Beer Brands. 

Different Types Of Beer Brands


  • This one is for anyone who is a beginner. Belgian-style Tripel has quite a distinctive taste and a high carbonated, easy-drinking 
  • It contains alcohol anywhere between 7 to 10% ABV range, and you may mostly find it easily in our store situated in New Zealand. 
  • Your tongue is sure for a ride of its life with all the flavours such as spicy, fruity, and subtly sweet malt flavours bursting right in.


  • Dunkel is a German-style beer that brings with it the flavours of roaster malt and chocolate with biscuit-like features.
  • Even though it has a chocolaty flavour with malt you won’t find too sweet, it is perfectly balanced between the two. 
  • You can find it anytime in our shop. It is a dark beer that is dark brown in colour with a toasty character.
  • Occasionally, people who drink it say the beer is smooth, medium-bodied, easy-drinking, and not too heavy on the stomach. 

Weissbier Weissbier

  • Are you looking for something classic? Weissbier is here! It is presented in a mousse-like foam on the glass top that comes from the presence of wheat and barley malt.
  • It generally comes with 50% malted wheat but seldom makes use of less.
  • It also contains fermented yeast strains with the aroma of clove, banana, smoke, and bubble gum.

India Pale AleIndia Pale Ale

  • Though the name seems this one came from the Asian part, its origin is still debated.
  • Travellers can carry this along as it has quite a high alcohol level, and it helps preserve the beer on longer journeys. 
  • To end your parties the right way, it got some great malt sweetness with a strong, bitter, heavy pine taste. 


  • Lager is by far the most popular and common beer style in the world, mainly because of the type of yeast used in it. 
  • There has been quite a comparison between a Lager and an Ale, but the only difference between both the beverages is the yeast used in lager works at a cooler temperature. 
  • It comes in a radiating gold colour and has a flower yet sweaty aromas of butter-toasted multi-grain. 
  • If you love to try this one, make sure you ask us at our Auckland, New Zealand store. 

We would not want you to make any decision based on our blogs; that is why we would love you to have them in our store and choose for yourself. If you happen to be anywhere in Auckland, make sure to give us a visit and say cheers. We are more than thrilled to have you here. 

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