Vodka And Whiskey

Can You Drink Vodka And Whiskey In The Same Night – Will You Be Sick Or Slick?

Vodka And Whiskey

“Can You Drink Vodka And Whiskey In The Same Night?” is a question that we have been often asked by our clients recently. Either you are a whiskey person or a vodka person. But if you have still unexplored the world of drinking, you must know that people mix various drinks together. Go through this article to learn more about the same.

Can You Drink Vodka And Whiskey In The Same Night

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Coming back to the question, mixing vodka and whiskey can be someone who is bold, adventurous, and a little nervy. I remember my childhood when we used to mix sodas like Cola and Pepsi for fun just to pretend drunk; haha, that was fun indeed. And now, as adults, we are discussing mixing alcohols. 

Mixing one alcohol with another is not strange; people do that with drinks with a low ABV. But in the case of whiskey and vodka, both are highly alcoholic in nature, with the same amount of ethanol present in both. Meaning if you mix both of it can make you worse for drinking

But if you are not mixing both of them and drinking them separately, we’ll warn you otherwise. If you are up for a Friday girl’s night, then go for one drink for the night, as mixing both can ruin the fun. Whisky and vodka contain similar contents, but they also come with elements that can be unsuitable for your health. So avoiding both of them together and sticking to any one of them is the best decision. 

Is it okay to Drink Whiskey and Vodka on the Same Night?

Vodka And Whiskey

However, if you love boozing and experimenting with your drinks now and then, you can try this one. Although one should keep a friend or two by your side as you may need them when you get too high and drunk. 

However, these are not just the two alcohols that you should keep away from mixing; there are other drinks. So, what alcohol should not be mixed?

There are two types of liquor clear and dark; the clear contains fewer congeners while dark drinks have more congeners. Clear alcohol such as gin, vodka, white wine should be avoided with darker drinks like red wine, whisky, rum to prevent stomach irritation later. 

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