Is Bacardi Good Rum? – Learn all about this Rum

Is Bacardi Good Rum

Hello there, today we will be sharing our genuine review on Bacardi and how good of a rum the brand is. 

Is Bacardi Good Rum

BacardiBacardi – The Brand 

Bacardi is a limited company that makes spirits and is probably the largest private company run by family members. The brand sells more than 200 labels of liquor and is loved by all party animals in their rum cocktails

What Is Rum?

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made of three ingredients; molasses from sugarcane, yeast and water, fermented, distilled and aged in oak barrels. Then the final product is filtered and blended and filled into bottles. 

Is Bacardi Good Rum?

Bacardi is sweet and comes with apple, banana, and sweet pear hints.

It is considered a premium rum that stands tall in the front row of any liquor store in NZ. 

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How Much Abv Does Barcadi Rum Have?

Bacardi Good RumBacardi superior – the White rum has 80 proof and 40% abv and has an indefinite shelf life, so one bottle of it in your mini-bar will be there for a long time. It can remain as good as today til twenty years if the seal is not broken. 

Which Barcadi Should I Buy?

We suggest to our customers the great Bacardi Superior, a white rum with 80 proof (40% abv). 

All in all, Bacardi is a good rum that blends easily with cocktails for any party. Conclusively, we would say that if you are looking for a budget-friendly liquor that lingers on your palate, you should get a bottle of Bacardi Rum. The drink is blended with wonderful flavours, which hit well when mixed with lime and soda. It gives a dry, crisp and clean finish.

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