Is Beer Foam Good For You? – Find Out The Right Reason

Is Beer Foam Good For You

We’ve been taught that a slow pour is a good pour. This strategy is misguided. Many think it’s best to tilt and fill, slow and steady, to avoid a thick foam ring rising at the rim. That halo of bubbles may be beneficial.

Is Beer Foam Good For You?

Beer FoamPouring a drink into a bubble-free glass prevents the beverage from releasing CO2 until it reaches your stomach, leaving you bloated and full of air. Bakker advocates a more active pour, which allows the bubbles in the glass to emerge and release CO2 before you consume it.

Beer foam isn’t the enemy: a thick layer of bubbles doesn’t detract from the sipping experience because the bubbles eventually fade into beer.

About the Beer Foam

Brewers invest a lot of effort into the aromatic components of their beer, and providing it with a nice head of foam guarantees that the beer drinker appreciates the fragrances.

The beer foam is CO2 gas created both as a by-product of fermentation, the process by which we get alcohol and through carbonation, where pressurise CO2 gas is dissolved into the liquid at high pressure.

The beer foam stability is maintained because a protein coats the gas bubbles with hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends.

The Reason for Foaming in Beer

Beer FoamThe primary factor is how long the protein chain is inside the beer. It means the lesser the protein quantity, the head foam will go quickly and vice versa if the protein amount is high.

By the way, that protein comes from the malts and grains when brewing any beer.

Other reasons are how the beer is brewed in glass, the level of carbonation a beer has, and the serving glass. These all contribute to the quality of the foam in any particular glass of beer.

The bubbles in beer foam carry aroma molecules up to your nose, which plays a massive role in the beer’s flavour.

The Technique of Pouring the Beer

Beer FoamWhen you pour the beer, you have to limit the amount of energy while filling up the glass, not too slow, not too fast.

Take the glass, hold it in an angled (45-degree) position, and let the beer run down to the side of the glass, fill the bottom, and slowly move the glass in a vertical position as you are about to reach the top.


A foam beer isn’t bad. It spreads a pleasant aroma to the drinker’s nose to show how the beer would please him with each sip. If you want a high-quality beer in New Zealand, prefer Ellerslie Liquor Store. Visit our store or buy online.

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