Sweet Red Wines In New Zealand

Sweet Red Wines In New Zealand

Sweet wines do not get much of the love that they deserve. People believe that sweet wines are too sweet or contain added sugar. However, in reality, sweet wines are delicious; they can be sipped with dinner or even as a dessert. 

This article discusses the most popular sweet red wines in New Zealand. 

Top 5 sweet red wines brands of NZ

Red wine

There are numerous techniques to make sweet red wines. For instance, some winemakers stop fermentation early to allow the grapes to retain the higher levels of natural sugars. Some opt to dehydrate the grapes by allowing them to hang on the vine for longer.

Sweet red wines can serve as dessert on their own and pair with succulent treats like a chocolate torte or cheesecake. Let us have a look at some of the red wines below. 

1.) Brown Brothers Dolcetto and Syrah

Brown Brothers Dolcetto and Syrah wines have aromas of red jubes, blackberries, red currants, hints of spice and liquorice. It is a deep red wine with pinky-purple hues, sweet fruit and red berries on the nose. 

The palate has flavours of ripe summer berries and a natural grape sweetness balanced by the refreshing and lively finish. 

2.) Brown Brother Zibibbo Rose

This delicious pale pink sparkling is the perfect way to add a sense of celebration to any occasion. It comes with lifted aromas of strawberries and summer fruits. The palate has characters of strawberries and watermelon, followed by a fresh finish. 

You can serve it with an aperitif or with light canapes. 

Sweet red wine

3.) 19 Crimes the uprising rum aged red wine 

19 Crimes wine comes in flavours such as bright raspberry fruit and plush tannin. It gives a sense of peace and fruity sweetness in your mouth. It has aromas of lifted mocha, caramel and baking spice notes. 

4.) Port 

The port is amongst the most popular sweet red wines in New Zealand. Port wines are full-bodied, rich and delicious. 

Port wines are best with rich chocolate cake or salted caramel desserts. They are the sweetest and most alcoholic wines. It is usually served after a meal. 

5.) Dutton Estate Winery Sweet Sisters Late Harvest Syrah 2017

It is bold and fruity. The aromas of this red wine resemble decadent California red blends with a seasoning of black pepper. Chewy tannins add texture to the palate, wherein pulsing acidity counters the bold sweetness. 

Add little sweetness to your life. 

These sweet wines are delicious and fun to try, which is why they are still popular. You can sip them with a meal or just as a dessert. If you are looking forward to exploring sweet wines, you can learn different stuff about them on our website. 

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